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Vasto Marina: a long stretch of fine, golden sand is the largest and most easily accessible beach. Extending from the bronze sculpture of The Bather south to San Salvo, it has a wide variety of bathing facilities and ample free areas. Ideal for families.

San Nicola: located a little north of Vasto Marina, is characterised by small rocky inlets where, depending on the tides, are created small natural pools. The water is very clear. Use of the beach is free, and there some limited facilities.

Punta Aderci Nature Reserve: Inaugurated in 1998, this Reserve of almost 300 hectares covers a mix of rocky and sandy coastline north of Vasto. This area of great interest from a wildlife, flora and geological perspective is much loved by birdwatchers, especially in the Spring. In summer it is excellent for swimming and snorkelling. It includes a panoramic path, suitable on foot or by bicycle, which links it to the mouth of the Sinello River, near Casalbordino. Within the Reserve are four distinct beaches. In order from south to north they are:

Punta Penna:a splendid dune beach located immediately north of the mole at Punta Penna and frequented by Vastesi who love the seaside ‘as it once was’. The water is crystal clear and deepens very gradually so that is safe for even the very young. There is a small refreshment kiosk but no other facilities.

Libertini: a long pebble beach, still unspoilt and accessible via a stairway of some eighty steps. It’s northern end is the promontory of Punta Aderci. No facilities.

Punta Aderci: the promontory (26 metres above sea level) which gives the reserve its name. The pebble beach is rocky and the water is clear.

Motta Grossa: another pebble beach, the most northerly of Vasto, with unique flora and fauna. Less lushly vegetated than the others but no less beautiful.


The Trabocchi Coast is a stretch of Adriatic shoreline extending from Vasto to Ortona and famous throughout Italy for its natural beauty. It is characterised by the presence of the trabocchi: wooden structures built on stilts and flanked by a web of poles, ropes and nets which can be lowered into the water for fishing. In recent years some trabocchi have been converted into small restaurants where you can savour the local seafood dishes.


The Tremiti Isles Marine Park, one of the most beautiful natural environments in the whole Mediterranean, is a nature reserve surrounding the islands of San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa. In summer it is easily reached by ferry from Vasto or by hydrofoil from Termoli.


The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise is located mostly in the mountainous interior of Abruzzo. Inaugurated in 1922 it is the oldest park in Italy and is recognised internationally for its role in the protection of such animal species as the Italian wolf, Abruzzo chamois and Marsican brown bear.


This town located in the foothills of the Maiella is noted for its artisanal products, particularly works in metal. Every year between 1st and 20th August the town holds the Exhibition of Abruzzese Artisanal Art. Along with Agnone, it is the most important location for the production of the Presentosa – a form of gold feminine jewellery worn on festive occasions.


This town near Guardiagrele is famous for its festivities on Saint Anthony’s Day each 16th January. The different boroughs construct farchie – long cylindrical bundles of sticks and red willow branches almost a metre wide and up to nine metres long. These farchie are brought in an afternoon procession to the church of Saint Anthony Abate where they are then raised and set alight. The festivities anticipate the coming Carnival season while farewelling the Christmas celebrations.


Agnone is an ancient Samnite city located in the province of Isernia in Molise. It is the location of what is believed to be the oldest bell foundry in the world, the Pontifica Fonderia di Campane Marinelli, established around 1000 A.D. and one of the few firms with the honour of placing the Papal coat of arms on its products.


Aqualand del Vasto is the largest aquatic park in the Centre-South, covering an area greater than 12 hectares and located 3 kilometres from the centre of Vasto. The complex includes 3000m2 of pools; a restaurant with self service, sandwich bar and pizzeria; several bars, a picnic area on the lawn and one kilometre of water slides.